Student life for medical students can be significantly more demanding than for students of other courses. Medical students will have a packed timetable and will be expected to commit a lot of time and effort to their studies; however, there will be still be time to pursue interests and hobbies in participate actively in university life.

Societies and clubs

All universities offer a wide range of societies and clubs which are generally open to all and free to join. These clubs can be a great way to meet new people, as well as a means of pursuing an interest and broadening your horizons.


Most universities offer a wide range of sporting activities and excellent leisure facilities. If you are keen to join a team you can normally join a serious, competitive team, which competes nationally or a more laid-back informal team which competes against other teams within the university. If you are more focused on an individual sport there are normally plenty of options available, which may involve personal coaching or joining a group or class. If you don’t want to compete and would prefer to exercise casually as and when you want most universities have a wide range of leisure facilities which can either join and pay an annual fee or pay per visit. Many universities also offer classes in activities such as yoga and Pilates.


Student life is notoriously linked with parties and going out; most university towns and cities have a huge range of student nights on offer which cater for all tastes and can be much cheaper than ordinary nights out. Many universities also offer gigs and concerts at a reduced rate. Medical students will normally have early starts so it may wise to leave your partying until the weekend!